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  1. Episode 12 - G1 (Special) Preview

    We welcome Wilfred, the producer of the NJPW-US blog! It's a 3-way dance as we dive into all the news, notes, and previews of what's to come. Listen on as we go in depth with the G1 Special, the SSE UK shows, and begin our preview of the G1 CLIMAX ...


  2. Episode 11 - Vader & Kizuna Road

    Sam & Paul talk about the passing of Big Van Vader, his work in NJPW, and later career. There's coverage of Lion's Gate Project13, Kizuna Road, and short G1 preview, and other news and notes! We're gearing up for our huge G1 Climax 28 preview next week, too, so don't be ...


  3. Episode 10 - NJPW Dominion

    NJPW Dominion has come and gone! Was it the greatest card ever? Was the main event the greatest match of all time? What do we think of Jericho/Naito, Hiromu/Ospreay, & Omega vs Okada IV? We go in depth on arguably the biggest card of the year. Hit us back with ...


  4. Episode 9 - BOSJ Finals & Dominion Preview

    We're running late, but we've packed a ton in! Paul & Sam cover nights 8-12, the Block Finals, and Tournament Finals. We also preview Dominion in depth and have a trio of classic matches that dovetail perfectly with the main event... Plus news and notes and other shenanigans! As always, shout ...


  5. Episode 8 - BOSJ Nights 3-7

    Paul & Sam are back to cover nights 3 thru 7 of NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 25! We've got some news and notes (Harold Meij's aspirations for the company, G1 Special news, injuries, & more) and, of course, our classic matches! As always, special thanks to the Hails for ...