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  1. Episode 7 - BOSJ Nights 1 & 2

    We've got tons of news uprfont and some in depth discussion about the new president of NJPW, Harold Meij, and the future of the company. We also go deep on BOSJ Night 1 & 2. Lots of great discussion and arguments for and against a couple of the bouts! Of course, we ...


  2. BONUS: All In Sellout Discussion

    Sam & Paul were too excited not have a conversation about the historic sell out of All In today! We talk about what this means for the event, for independent wrestling, and, of course, NJPW. Let us know what you think by giving us a shout @KoPW72 on Twitter! ...


  3. Episode 6 - BOSJ Preview & Predictions, Plus: ALL IN

    Paul & Sam give their thoughts on the Best of the Super Juniors tournament with a full preview and predictions of each tournament match! Plus, we're talking All In & Starrcast: the media coverage, the capacity, ticket prices, potential matches, and, of course, CM Punk! All this and our Classic Matches! [Ultimo ...


  4. Episode 5 - Wrestling Dontaku

    Wrestling Dontaku nights 1 & 2 in depth, G1 Special at the Cow Palace ticket sales, other news & notes, a t-shirt giveaway, & some big news for the future of the podcast! Plus our classic matches! This week we cover: [Keiji Mutoh vs Shinya Hashimoto 8/15/95 G1 Final]( [Yuji Nagata vs Kensuke ...


  5. Episode 4 - Road to Dontaku & Wrestling Hi No Kuni

    Sam loves Nagata. Paul loves the junior division. And so much more! Join us as we talk Road to Dontaku 4/23, 4/24, 4/26, 4/27 & Wrestling Hi No Kuni on 4/29. Plus classic matches! Okada/Marufuji 10/10/16, Okada/Shibata 4/9/17, & El Samurai/Koji Kanemoto 6/5/97! Plus we've got news and notes for ...