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  1. Blood & Guts & More!

    Thoughts on AEW's Blood & Guts show from the opening match to the final blood soaked screenshot. I'm going over what worked for me, what didn't, and where I think things might go from here. Plus some thoughts on people who can't seem to get past Jungle Boy's size, the ...


  2. King's Road Chapter II - The New Generation Emerges

    In this episode we pick up pretty much where we left off in Chapter I. Genichiro Tenryu is the new AJPW Triple Crown Champion, but his feud with Jumbo Tsuruta continues. How does it end and where do we go from there are the big questions we answer in this ...


  3. Mania Night 2 Reaction Show

    Night 2 of WrestleMania is in the books and I have some thoughts. What worked? What didn't? I'm feeling good and ready to share my opinions on the matches, angles, production values, and everything in between. ...


  4. 'Mania Night 1 Reaction & Mania Weekend Indies

    Immediate reaction to Wrestlemania 37 Night 1! What do I think of the main event? What about Bad Bunny? Omos? Cesaro? It's all here. Plus, I talk a walk through the last few days of indie wrestling, especially that showcased on IWTV. It's good to be back and talk a ...


  5. Filsinger Games Perennial Preview & 2020 Review

    Todd and Mike join me to preview the upcoming Filsinger Games Perennial 2021 virtual con. We go behind the scenes a bit, discuss the schedule, and even have a couple of exclusive reveals! We also present our top 5 game cards for 2020 from each game line (CotG, Legends, & ...