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  1. Happy New Year KoPW Style

    Happy New Year! KoPW Style... What does that mean? I'm not 100% sure but it probably involves vulnerability, humor, charm, and the search for perspective on life, love, & death. Oh, and wrestling! Lots of wrestling! Do I succeed? Who knows? What I do know is this past week has ...


  2. Filsinger Games - December 2020 Releases

    It's the best time of the year! December releases for Filsinger Games have hit. All three major product lines get something unique - from the fantastic Legends Expansion featuring Dynamite Kid, Adrian Adonis, and Gordon Solie - to name a few - to the Women of the Indies 2020 pack ...


  3. Matt Charlton & J-Crowned Vol. 2

    The fantastic Matt Charlton joins me for another round. This time we're talking about his latest book, J-Crowned: An Illustrated Guide to Champions of Japanese Wrestling, Vol. 2. When last we spoke, volume 1 was hot off the press, and the pandemic was just beginning. We dive into the past ...


  4. Filsinger Games - Black Friday & Early Classics

    Todd Joerchel and Mike Melesky are back reppin' Filsinger Games. We discuss the latest Black Friday game announcements including the huge name dropped for Legends of Wrestling's next expansion set. Then we turn back the clock to talk GWF Early Classics and the Classics era of Champions of the Galaxy. ...


  5. Filsinger Games Legends of Wrestling Team

    Back with an epic conversation between yours truly and the Filsinger Games Legends of Wrestling Team! Card gurus Chad and Cory Olson, Tim Dalton, and handbook writer, Stu Lowry, are all on board - albeit in various forms - to chat about their favorite territories, legends, and signings. Plus we ...