Episode 17 - G1 Post-Mortem & Todd from Filsinger Games!

Episode 17 August 19, 2018 03:34:31
King's Road Pro Wrestling Podcast
Episode 17 - G1 Post-Mortem & Todd from Filsinger Games!

Show Notes

It's an epic episode as we drop an announcement for Starrcast! In addition to the scheduled G1 Post-Mortem, we've got an interview with Todd Joerchel from [Filsinger Games](http://www.filsingergames.com). We spens some time chatting about the history of the company, the different game lines, ways to play, and even chat a little wrestling. Then we've got our big post-mortem coverage of G1 CLIMAX 28. We go over our favorite matches for each competitor, our MVP, our Match of the Tournament, our Top 5, & answer some big questions left in the aftermath. We know it's a long one, but we had such a good time talking with Todd, we wanted to share the whole interview. After the interview & post-mortem, Paul and I got lost in some chatting and reminiscing that we decided to share as well. As always, special shout out to [the Hails ](http://www.thehailsofficial.com)for our awesome intro and outro music! Don't forget to check out [Starrcast](http://www.starrcast.com) on [FiteTV](http://www.fite.tv)! And if you'll be there in person, remember we're on Podcast Row on Friday, 8/31! Our friend Wilfred couldn't join us for this episode, but you can find him over at the [NJPW-US blog](http://www.njpw-us.com) and don't forget we'll have stickers at our table for free! Check out Filsinger Games at [www.filsingergames.com](http://www.filsingergames.com) Interview with Todd Joerchel (@tourneymaster & @filsingergames) begins at the 39 minute mark. G1 Post-Mortem coverage begins at the 1:58 mark! Enjoy! And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @kopw72

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